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Tip: Updating Multiple Changes
You can use the Update Model dialog box to apply multiple changes to the Project Data and MCAT files and save time.
1. Complete any changes and save them.
2. Click Setup > Update Model. The Update Model dialog box opens.
3. Under Select Assembly, click and select the assembly to which you want to apply the changes.
4. Under Model Information, select all check boxes that correspond to the modified data.
5. Click OK. The Confirm Cancel dialog box opens. Click Yes to confirm the update. The dialog boxes close and Spec-Driven Piping updates the active assembly information. Spec-Driven Piping confirms the update in the Message Area.
6. Click to apply the changes to the piping model displayed in the graphics window.
* To quickly apply the changes to another assembly, click under Select Assembly in the Update Model dialog box and select another assembly. Then, repeat the last three steps above.