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Spool Generation Rules
The following rules are applied to automatically generate pipe spool pieces:
1. A pipe spool will be generated if:
a. A pipe piece cut with field weld attribute is encountered.
b. A flanged fitting or screwed fitting is encountered.
2. The first pipe spool will be the one that originates from the “From” terminal location of a pipeline. This will be based on the flow direction of the pipeline. If there are many “From” locations in a pipeline, the chronological order of pipe segment creation will be used to determine the first “From” location.
3. Subsequent spool pieces will be generated along the pipeline network using the flow direction of the pipeline.
4. Each pipe spool will be associated with a unique spool number. The spool number will be generated based on the format defined by the configuration option pipeline_spool_label_format. The spool number format is based on the prefix, suffix, starting number, and the increment value specified using the Create Spool dialog box.
The pipeline spool label format can be defined using any combination of the SIZE, SPECIFICATION, MNEMONIC, NUMBER, INSULATION, and SPOOLNUM keywords. While defining the spool number format, you can embed any desired additional characters or character strings together with the above keywords in the configuration option pipeline_spool_label_format. This option is used to define the pipeline label format. The spool number will be generated as follows:
The SIZE, SPECIFICATION, MNEMONIC, NUMBER, and INSULATION keywords (if present in the definition) will be substituted with the respective pipeline size, specification, mnemonic, number or insulation information associated with the pipeline label.
The SPOOLNUM keyword will be substituted with the start number value that you specify and will be incremented (for the subsequent spools in the same pipeline) using the increment value that you specify. The default start number and the number of digits for the spool number will be based on the values specified in the square brackets after the SPOOLNUM keyword.
The PREFIX and SUFFIX keywords will be substituted with the values specified within the square brackets and will appear as default values in the dialog box.
For example, if a pipeline's label is 100A-MS-STEAM-001 and if the you specify the configuration option pipeline_spool_label_format as MNEMONIC-NUMBER- PREFIX[AA]SPOOLNUM[01]SUFFIX[BB], and specify a start number of 01 and increment of 1, then the following spool numbers will be associated with the generated spools: