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Selecting the First Segment
You can insert and orient the From Pipeline using any of the pipe segments located on it. The first segment is used to orient the inserted From Pipeline. The first segment is selected based on the following:
If the pipeline has three end segments, Spec-Driven Piping selects the segment that was created first in the From Pipeline as the first segment.
If an inline fitting is selected as one of the From Pipeline bounds, Spec-Driven Piping selects the pipe segment on which the inline fitting is inserted as the first segment.
If a TEE fitting is selected as the start component, Spec-Driven Piping automatically selects the branch segment of the TEE fitting as the first segment.
If the first segment of the From Pipeline is a stubin branch with an offset from its original main pipe, do one of the following to obtain the required offset for the branch, on the To Pipeline:
Set the branch offset appropriately when you create the branch Set Start in the To Pipeline.
After the From Pipeline is inserted, redefine the branch Set Start.