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Latrolet Fitting Orientation
Latrolet is a non-orthogonal branch outlet fitting. Latrolets can be placed in either of the two orientations as shown.
Orientations of Latrolet (Left to Right: 0 degrees and 180 degrees)
If the branch pipe segment already exists, the fitting is automatically aligned. If the angle of the latrolet does not match with the existing branch angle, the insertion of such a fitting is not allowed. The tolerance angle for such a check must be specified in the configuration option variable pipe_fitt_angle_tolerance. If this variable is not specified, the default tolerance angle of 1.5 degrees on either side is used for checking.
To achieve this orientation, create the inlet port of the fitting with its positive y-axis aligned with the 0 degree orientation of the fitting, so that the latrolet orientation is created by default. Use the Flip option to change to the 180 degree orientation.