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ISOGEN Nominal Size Map File
The ISOGEN Nominal Size Map file is a Pro/TABLE file that maps the Piping sizes used for modeling to the industry standard nominal size or nominal bore (NB). Nominal bore can be measured in millimeters (mm) or inches.
Piping extracts the component size and its units from the model using the following conditions:
If the units are metric, UNITS-BORE is selected as MM.
If the units are in inches, UNITS-BORE is selected as INCH.
Piping matches the extracted size against the nominal size in either the NB_MM or NB_INCH column. The nominal size must correspond to the model size in the SIZE column.
You can modify the ISOGEN Nominal Size Map file by using a text editor. The ISOGEN Nominal Size Map file format is displayed in the next table.
Field Name
Field Type
Piping Size String
Nominal Bore (NB) Value
Nominal Bore (NB) Value
Piping allows you to specify any character as a nominal size. However, the ISOGEN PCF file format expects a number as the pipe nominal size.
For Nominal Bore (NB) values, use only the numbers 0-9, the period (.), or the slash (/).
For NB values in millimeters, only integers can be entered.
For NB values in inches, you can use fractions (For example, 1-1/2 for a one and one half inch bore).
NB values cannot include white spaces.
For NB values, the symbol (") used normally for inches cannot be used
Default Nominal Size Mapping
If you do not list a size in the SIZE column or if you do not define the nominal size in the selected NB column, Piping outputs the model size to the PCF file by default where NB is needed. If a nominal size map file does not exist, the same result occurs.
* An invalid nominal size may result from a wrong isometric size annotation or from an ISOGEN PCF file export malfunction.