Piping > Tutorials > Exercise 2—Setting up Project Data Files > Creating a New Specification Directory File
Creating a New Specification Directory File
Use the sample files provided at <Creo load point>\Common Files\help\sample_models\piping when working in this exercise. It is recommended that you create a copy of the piping folder on your computer and set up piping data before you start working with the tutorial.
1. Create an Auto-Selection file.
* An Auto-Selection file is required to define specification records.
2. Click Spec DB. The Define Piping Specification dialog box opens.
3. Click to create a new file. The New File dialog box opens.
4. Under Type, select Spec directory file.
5. In the Name box, type project_new_specs.csv.
6. Click OK to open the file.
7. In the Specification box, type gs.
8. In the Mnemonic box, type Gas.
9. In the Color box, select cyan.
10. In the Layer box, type gs_layer.
11. Click to open the Select Auto Selection File dialog box.
12. Double-click gs_asfile.ptd to open the Auto-Selection box.
13. Select the Insulation Code check box and select EC as the insulation code.
14. Click to add the new specification record to the Specification Directory file.
15. Click to save the file.
16. Click File > Exit.