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Example: Workflow for Creating an External Simplified Representation
1. Create a top-level assembly or open an existing one.
2. Populate the assembly with subassemblies of similar components, equipment, structures, and piping.
3. Click or File > New. The New dialog box opens.
4. Click Assembly > Ext. Simp. Rep.
5. Click OK. The new external simplified representation opens.
6. Create the desired external simplified representation. Do not exclude structure and equipment subassemblies that are referenced in the piping subassembly.
7. Select the referenced structure and equipment subassemblies, right-click and choose Set For Ref. Only from the shortcut menu or click Edit > Set For Ref. Only.
These subassemblies are no longer active, but you can select their features for references when creating pipelines.
8. Click Application > Piping. The Piping tab opens.
9. Select a piping subassembly in the Model Tree or the Piping System Tree. Right-click and choose a Activate from the shortcut menu. The piping subassembly is now the active assembly.
10. Model the piping assembly as required.
11. Save the external simplified representation, unless it is no longer needed. Any changes to it are automatically merged in to the master assembly.