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Calculating Clocking Angle Between Fittings
You can obtain information about the clocking angle between fittings in a flexible hose. When two end fittings of a flexible pipe (or hose) are assembled to a hose and the hose is taken from its routed state to a flattened state, the fittings must be assembled to the hose correctly twisted relative to each other. This is done so that they will fit in the assembly properly without requiring the hose itself to twist. Many fittings are not axially symmetric and require a specific orientation when they are assembled.
The system calculates the clocking angle by sliding the initial coordinate system along the flexible pipe segment in the orientation of least energy until its origin is coincident with the final coordinate system at the other end of the segment. It then determines the angle between the two x-axes of the coordinate systems.
Using Creo Parametric, you can access this information as general information or as a system parameter. You can also show clocking angle information using Drawing report table parameters.