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Accessing Clocking Angle as a System Parameter
When you designate clocking angle information for use in report tables, Creo Parametric automatically creates an evaluate feature in the active assembly containing the pipe segment. The clocking angle is identified as a measurement named clk_ang.
You can access the clocking angle as a system parameter by making notes, relations, and other parameters using one of the following formats:
EVALUATE_ID is the ID of the evaluate feature.
SESSION_ID is the session ID of the assembly in which the evaluate feature is created.
EVALUATE_NAME is the name of the evaluate feature.
A seg_name feature parameter is created in the evaluate feature to identify its parent segment. On regenerating the model, Creo Parametric updates the evaluate feature for a particular segment of the pipe to a new value if the segment changes.
Using pipeline and pipe segment report table parameters, you can access clocking angle information specific to particular segments.