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Piping User Interface
The Piping user interface consists of a tab with groups of options. Click Applications > Piping to open the Piping tab.
Setup Options
Setup includes the following specification options:
Spec Driven check box—Switches between the Spec-Driven Piping and Non Spec-Driven Piping modes.
Spec DB—Opens the Define Piping Specification dialog box. This option is not available in Non Spec-Driven Piping mode.
Design Rules—Opens the Define Design Rules dialog box.
Setup—Displays the following options:
Line Stock—Opens the LINE STOCK menu.
Insulation—Opens the INSULATION menu.
Bend Table—Opens the BEND TAB menu.
Fitting File—Opens the Export Fitting Catalog File dialog box that enables you to export the fitting information of model parts in the CSV file format.
Set Display—Opens the Set Display dialog box.
Environment—Opens the Piping Environment dialog box.
Update Model—Opens the Update Model dialog box.
Operations Options
Use the Operations options to modify or delete pipelines.
Modify—Opens the Modify Pipeline dialog box.
Delete—Prompts you to select a pipeline to delete.
Operations—Displays the following options:
Designation—Opens the Pipeline Designation dialog box. This option is not available in Non Spec-Driven Piping mode.
Add Spec Break—Opens the Specification Break dialog box. This option is not available in Non Spec-Driven Piping mode.
Merge Pipeline—Opens the Merge Pipeline dialog box. This option is not available in Non Spec-Driven Piping mode.
Suppress Pipeline—Prompts you to select a pipeline to suppress.
Resume Pipeline—Resumes a suppressed pipeline.
Rigid Pipes Options
Use the Rigid Pipes options to create and route pipelines.
Create Pipe—Opens the Create Pipeline dialog box.
Route Pipe—Enters route mode for the selected pipeline.
Set Start—Opens the Define Start dialog box.
Extend—Opens the Extend dialog box.
To Pnt/Port—Opens the To Point/Port dialog box.
Branch—Opens the Branch Pipe dialog box.
Connect—Opens the Connect dialog box.
Follow—Displays the following options:
Follow Pipe—Opens the Follow Pipeline dialog box.
Follow Curve—Opens the Follow Curve dialog box.
Follow Axis—Opens the Follow Axis dialog box.
Follow Sketch—Opens the Follow Sketch dialog box.
Break Point—Opens the Break Point dialog box.
Insert Pipeline—Opens the Insert Pipeline tool tab.
Pipe Segment—Displays the following options:
Move Pipe Segment—Opens the Pipe Move Segment tab.
Replace Pipe Segment—Opens the Replace Features dialog box.
Suppress Pipe Segment—Prompts you to select a pipe segment to suppress.
Resume Pipe Segment—Prompts you to select a pipe segment to resume.
Delete Last—Deletes the last routed pipe segment.
Environment—Opens the Piping Environment dialog box. You can set the physical properties of the pipe being routed.
Fitting Options
Fitting includes options for inserting and modifying fittings.
Insert Fitting—Opens the Insert Fitting dialog box.
Group Fitting—Displays the following options:
Group Fitting—Opens the Insert Group Fitting dialog box.
Delete Group—Opens the Delete Group Fittings dialog box.
Group Fitting options are not available in Non Spec-Driven Piping mode.
Free Fitting—Opens the Assemble Fitting dialog box.
Fabrication Options
Fabrication includes options to create, remove, and modify insulation, welds, and cuts.
Insulation—Displays the following options:
Create Insulation—Opens the Create Insulation dialog box.
Delete Insulation—Prompts you to select insulation to delete.
Weld—Displays the following options:
Create/Modify Weld—Opens the Weld dialog box.
Delete Weld—Prompts you to select a weld to delete.
Cut—Displays the following options:
Create Cut—Opens the Cut Pipe dialog box.
Delete Cut—Opens the Delete Cut dialog box.
Pipe Solid—Opens the Pipe Solid dialog box.
Spool—Displays the following options:
Create Spool—Opens the Create Spool dialog box.
Modify Spool—Opens the Modify Spool dialog box.
Delete Spool–Opens the Delete Spool dialog box.
Drawing—Opens the Generate Isometric dialog box.
Info Options
Use the Info options to view information about piping and to perform design rules check.
Pipe Check Rule—Opens the Design Rules Check dialog box for the active pipeline.
Piping Info—Opens the Report Pipeline dialog box.
Graphics Window Toolbar
The graphics toolbar shows the following display options in the Pipeline mode:
—Displays thick pipes.
—Displays the flow direction of the active pipeline in the graphics window.