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About the Pipeline Network Report
The Pipeline Network report provides the following information:
The labels of the pipeline or equipment connected to the selected pipeline as FROM and TO
All branch pipelines routed from the main pipeline
All pipe segments and fittings included in the entire pipeline
Additionally, the Pipeline Network report provides information about design rule violations and missing corner fittings and flanges.
Spec-Driven Piping provides a predefined format for the Pipeline Network report. You can change the format of a Pipeline Network report using the Report Pipeline dialog box. You can then use these customized formats to create subsequent Pipeline Network reports.
The report provides information in the following sequence:
Information about the pipeline network. The information includes:
The label of the pipeline
The labels of the equipment between which the pipeline is connected to as FROM and TO
The size of the pipeline and its specification
Information about the main pipeline and all branch extensions is provided in a tabular format. The standard report consists of six columns for size, specification, name, length or angle, material code, and description. The number of rows is based on the number of elements fabricated on a pipeline.
* In the report, the information related to each pipeline is separated by a continuous dotted line.
Name of the co-ordinate system is reported under FROM and TO. If this coordinate system is a part of an equipment, you can report the coordinate system name in the Equipment-Csys format by assigning an appropriate name to the component in the Feat Name column of the Model Tree or by designating the equipment if you have created the pipeline using an XML file.