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About Using Show Report Setup
You can use Drawing report tables with Piping to view and remove report setups.
When you use Show Report Setup in a piping assembly, remember the following:
The system creates pipe segment bend information and stores it in the piping assembly. You do not generate the bend information directly in the drawing. However, you can access it automatically by using the Drawing report tables after you use Show Report Setup in Assembly/Piping mode. You can format the report table in any way that you click.
To create a piping report, be sure to set the repeat region attribute to Recursive.
To create a report that contains only piping information in the top-level assembly, set the Recursive attribute in the repeat region and add the filter [&rpt.level==1].
You cannot use report parameters that contain more than 32 characters in report relations, for example, as filters for what is shown in a table.