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About Routing a Pipeline Using Schematic Information
You can route a pipeline based on the schematic information if the piping_schematic_driven configuration option is set to yes.
The schematic information assists the routing operation in the following ways:
All available start and end terminal locations (Creo Parametric coordinate systems) along with the corresponding equipment or nozzle, are highlighted during routing. The Creo Parametric coordinate systems are highlighted only if the ENTRY_PORT parameter in XML has the same value as the Creo Parametric coordinate system name of the corresponding equipment or nozzle.
Terminal locations and models that are already connected are not highlighted.
If you select a coordinate system of an equipment other than the designated equipment for a pipeline, a message appears that prompts you to continue or abort the selection. You can ignore the warning message and continue the routing operation from the selected port.
* If you ignore this warning message for a particular pipeline, perform a schematic check later against the updated schematic information.