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About Routing Flexible Pipes
When routing flexible segments of pipelines, you can alternate line shape between straight and flexible segments on the same pipeline to control the resulting shape.
For example, to make sure a hose exits from a fitting, goes through a hole without interfering, and so on, the physical hose would be all flexible, constrained by the fitting or the hole.
Only the To Pnt/Port or Extend routing commands are available for flexible pipes; therefore, for routing that models the physical constraint, you may need to make a section straight to use commands such as Axis or Extend.
When routing flexible pipes, keep in mind the following:
To route a flexible pipe though a hole, add a straight portion by changing the shape in the Piping Environment dialog box and switch the line shape of subsequent segments back to flexible.
You can route flexible pipes from an entry port of a fitting. However, you can not insert fittings on flexible pipes. To ensure that a hose leaves a fitting without interfering, you can use a straight segment with an extend where it leaves the fitting.