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To Replace a Fitting
You can manually replace a fitting with another one or replace a fitting using a functional interchange member, family table, or layout.
To Replace a Fitting
1. Select a fitting in the Model Tree or Graphics window.
2. Right-click and click from the shortcut menu. The Replace dialog box opens.
3. Select an appropriate option under Replace By. The options under Replace By are available according to the fitting that you select.
4. Click . The Open dialog box opens.
5. Navigate to the part that you want to set as the new fitting and click Open.
6. Click OK.
Replacing a fitting can occasionally create conflicts with existing pipeline segments. For example, when you replace an internal fitting with one that has fewer entry ports, regeneration may fail.
Or, when you replace a fitting after routing a line segment from an entry port of this fitting, this segment is a child of the original fitting from which it was routed.
When you create such a conflict, the system suspends the replacement process and Piping enters a special resolve environment. You can usually resolve the conflict by reselecting the contact points (entry ports).