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About Pipe Cutting Length
The real bending points for the example shown in the following figure are:
L1 = 0.0 + l1 - 0.0 - S1
L2 = S1 + l2 - E1 - S2
L3 = S2 + l3 - E2 -0.0
b(n) Bending length
l(n) Bending point location
B(n) Real bending length
L(n) Real Bending Point Location
S(n) Spring back
E(n) Bending elongation
l Pipe length
L Pipe cutting length
Where, l is the theoretical pipe length derived directly from the 3D model and L is the real pipe length after considering the elongation caused by the bending process.
Pipe cutting length or real pipe length is the straight pipe length before the actual bending. You can calculate the pipe cutting length using the following formula:
L = L1 + L2 + L3 + ... + L(n-1) + L(n)
L—The pipe cutting length
L1 ~ L(n)—The real bending points