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About No-break Fittings
No-break fittings are fittings that do not break the pipeline at the point of insertion. They also do not break insulation.
You can insert no-break fittings such as pipe clip, ubolt, ubolt channel and supports, in Spec-driven Piping using the Insert Fitting dialog box. If you insert a no-break fitting on a pipeline, the size or specification of that pipeline does not change.
You cannot select no-break fittings for group fitting insertion nor can you use no-break fittings as references for break fittings. For example, you cannot mate a break fitting with a no-break fitting, nor can you offset a break fitting from a no-break fitting.
If you change the size or specification of the pipeline on which you have inserted a no-break fittings, the no-break fitting is propagated in the same way as a break fitting. The no-break fitting does not propagate the pipeline on which the no-break fitting is inserted.
You can redefine or delete a no-break fitting in the same way as a break fitting. Deleting a no-break fitting does not cause any propagation to the pipeline.