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About Extraction of a Model
You can retrieve a collection of contiguous pipe solids, fittings, and/or assembly members as a part in Part mode. However, you must first extract a model from the current assembly.
When extracting a model, the system creates a part out of designated components, merging them by reference to preserve the associativity between the new part and the piping assembly. Therefore, whenever the piping system changes in the working assembly, the extracted model also changes.
After you have created the extracted part, you can store it to disk as an individual model. The system also stores it as a component within the piping assembly. You can use it to create views in drawings without retrieving an entire piping assembly. However, you cannot show dimensions in a drawing or obtain piping report information.
By extracting a model, you can retrieve a merged part that may contain piping solids, fittings, and equipment as well as any other assembly components that you choose to include.