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To Delete a Fitting
You can remove a fitting and all subsequent segments. Select the fitting in the Model Tree or graphics window, right-click and choose Delete from the shortcut menu. However, when removing a fitting, keep in mind the following:
If you delete a straight break fitting, the Straight Brk feature remains, unless you specifically delete it. This feature causes a break in the piping solid for the pipeline at that point. Thus, a straight segment of pipe has two solids, one on either side of the break.
When the system asks you if you want to remove the pipe break as well, if you type [yes], it deletes the datum point and pipe joint feature. However, you also have to specify whether you want to delete the solids as well, if they exist, since the centerline segments they referenced will no longer exist. There is now only one segment.
The Delete command works only on inserted fittings and does not remove other components. When you remove a straight-continuous fitting, you may also want to delete the datum point used for placement if you created it while placing the fitting.
If you delete a pipe joint on a segment that has other fitting children, the system asks you if you want to automatically reroute the fitting child to keep the current location along the pipe segment.
If you type [yes], it automatically reroutes the point used for placement to the new pipeline segment that it created when you deleted the pipe joint so that it maintains the same position. If you type [no], use the Fix Model environment to fix the fitting child.