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Bend Notes
Bend notes are similar to other notes. You can resize them, orient them horizontally, vertically, or angularly, change the font, move them, and so on. By default, the system places bend notes horizontally with a leader attachment. When you modify a pipe bend, the system edits the text in the note, not the values themselves.
In Drawing mode, you can automatically display information for routed pipeline segments with bend type corners (for example, bend user-defined parameters, spool parameters, and the solid name of the segment to which the bend belongs).
You can automatically display this information by specifying a default note to attach to each pipe bend type corner and to each end of the segment.
To Create Piping Bend Notes
1. In Drawing mode, when you attach a note to a pipe bend, add the extension :att_pipe_bend to the parameter name. Doing this indicates that the parameter value should refer to the bend to which the note is attached (for example, "&bend_radius:att_pipe_bend, &material:att_pipe_bend).
2. When you enter a parameter using this format, the system initially searches the pipe bend parameters for that bend, then line stock parameters for that segment, pipeline parameters for that pipeline, and pipe solid parameters (if there is an existing solid), in that order. If the system cannot find a value, it maintains the text.
Labeling Piping Bends Automatically
In Drawing mode, the system determines the default pipe bend note and determines whether to place pipe bend notes at all, according to the setting of the drawing setup file option default_pipe_bend_note.
If you set the option to no (the default), the system does not show bend notes in the drawing.
If you set the value as text within quotation marks, the system uses that value when creating the bend notes. For single line notes, the text can include bend parameters “&bendname:att_pipe_bend,” “&bend_radius:att_pipe_bend” and “&bend_num:att_pipe_bend.” The text can also include all user-defined bend parameters, all default linestock parameters and all user-defined linestock parameters.
If you specify a directory path as the value, the system references a previously created note saved as a file to create single or multiple line bend notes, for example, in UNIX: ". /mybendnote.txt."
As there are no defined bends in a flexible pipe, this functionality applies only to straight pipes with bent corners and to the ends of such pipes.
Tip: Generating Bend Information
You can generate bend location and bend machine information by using Segment under Definition in the Report Pipeline dialog box or setting up report information in the assembly in which the pipe segment was created.