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To Define a 3-Axis Cut Motion Using Edges or Curves
1. On the INTERACT PATH menu, click Edge (or Curve) and Done.
2. If you use Edge, select one of the following options:
On/Offset—Drive the tool along selected edges.
Fit—Fit the tool between surfaces adjacent to specified edges. This option is only applicable when using a ball endmill.
3. The Edge (or Curve), Direction, and Offset options in the CUT ALONG menu are automatically selected. Click Done.
4. The CHAIN menu appears with the options One By One, Tangnt Chain, Bndry Chain, Surf Chain, Intent Chain, Select, and Unselect. Select edges to follow using the CHAIN menu options. All selected edges must form a continuous tool path.
5. Specify direction of trajectory using Flip and Okay, according to the red arrow.
6. Another red arrow appears. Specify the tool offset:
None—The tool will follow the selected edges.
Left—The cut motion will be offset to the left.
Right—The cut motion will be offset to the right.
The offset distance is half of the CUTTER_DIAM value. The direction of the offset is with respect to direction of trajectory, selected in the previous step; when you select an offset option, the red arrow will show the offset direction. Click Done when satisfied.
7. If necessary, select the Matrl Side option and specify the material side by using the Left and Right options in the MATRL SIDE menu.