Manufacturing > Milling > Automatic Cut Motions for Volume, Local, and Profile Milling > To Create a Slice-By-Slice Cut Motion
To Create a Slice-By-Slice Cut Motion
This option allows you to explicitly specify the depth of each slice. Note that each slice will represent a separate Automatic Cut motion.
1. Choose Slice/Slice and Done.
2. Choose Depth and specify the depth of the slice. You can also use the Parameters option to modify parameters for this particular slice.
3. Choose Play Cut to display the slice.
* If at this point you choose Depth again, you will modify the depth of the current slice, not create a new one.
4. Choose Done when satisfied with the current slice.
5. Choose Next Cut from the SLICE/SLICE menu, and repeat Steps 2 through 4 to define another slice. The Play Cut option always shows the current slice only.
6. When the desired number of slices has been generated, choose Done/Return from the SLICE/SLICE menu.
The Build Slice option, which replaces the Build Cut option for this cut motion type, allows you to define approach and exit motions for the current slice.