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To Create a Normal Approach Tool Motion
With this tool motion you can make the tool approach a tool motion in the direction normal to the motion at its start point.
1. On the Trajectory, Face, Profile tab or the tab of any turning step, select Normal Approach in the Tool Motions list. The Normal Approach dialog box opens. The dialog box contains the following options:
2. Reference cut—Displays the defined cut name.
3. Offset— Specify a target point offset from the from the start of the selected tool motion. You can specify offsets along the X-, Y-, and Z- directions.
4. Approach Distance—The length of the approach motion is determined by the APPROACH_DISTANCE parameter value. Enter a value for the length of the approach motion, if needed.
5. Click Parameters to edit the tool motion parameters using the Edit Parameters dialog box.
6. Click OK to create the approach motion or click Cancel to quit.