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About Parameters and Relations in the Process Table
Relations, also known as parametric relations, are user-defined equations written between symbolic dimensions and parameters. Relations let you capture design intent by defining relationships within features or parts, or among assembly components. You can use relations and parameters to propagate values to all or selected steps in the process table.
You can specify parameters and relations locally or globally. Parameters and relations defined for a selected step are known as local parameters and local relations respectively. Similarly, parameters and relations defined for two or more steps are known as global parameters and global relations, respectively.
* If you add a global parameter to the Process Table and if a local parameter with the same name as the global parameter exists in one of the steps, the global parameter replaces the local parameter for that step.
After specifying a relation, you can validate the relation by clicking in the Local Relations or Global Relations dialog box. During validation, all undefined parameters in the relation are automatically added to the list of defined local or global parameters.
You can view a parameter in the process table by adding it to the table using the view builder.