Expert Machinist > Example: Modifying the Standard Stock Sizes
Example: Modifying the Standard Stock Sizes
You can set up your own default stock sizes for the Stock Instance list in the Create Stock dialog box.
The easiest way to do this is to copy the system-supplied default billet, ncmdl_billet.prt, located in the directory <loadpoint>/text/ncmdl_data (where <loadpoint> is the Creo Creo Parametric load point directory) to a local directory, for example, /home/users/library/expmach.
Retrieve the ncmdl_billet.prt from the local directory and modify its family table to reflect the standard stock sizes that you need.
Set the configuration option:
ncmdl_billet_stock_part_path /home/users/library/expmach/ncmdl_billet.prt
To set the default stock sizes for bar-shaped stock, repeat this procedure with the system-supplied default bar, ncmdl_bar.prt, and use the configuration option ncmdl_bar_stock_part_path.