Additive Manufacturing > 3D Print Analysis > To Perform Printability Validation
To Perform Printability Validation
1. On the Tray tab, click the arrow next to the Printability Validation.
2. Click Validate Thin Walls or Validate Narrow Gaps. The printability validation dialog box opens, displaying the selected validations analysis.
3. To select parts to perform printability validation, in the graphics window, click the parts. Under Setup, they are added to the Reference column.
4. Set up the minimal values and the tolerance and click Compute. The analysis starts running.
5. When the validation process finishes, the results are displayed and the relevant areas are highlighted and annotated.
6. To highlight issues and to fly-through to the relevant geometry, double-click the part in the Printability Validation Results dialog box. You can either ignore these issues, or fix them in Creo Parametric or in Creo Direct, and 3D print the model again.