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To Change the Colors of Models on the Tray
This procedure can be used when you print with a Stratasys or 3D Systems printer. It provides information on how to apply colors to models on the tray and how to automatically match colors based on the Creo Parametric model.
1. On the Tray tab, in the Printers group, select a Stratasys or 3D Systems 3D printer. If you applied colors to the model in Creo Parametric, the models are displayed with those colors. The Colors list updates.
2. To work with the available 3D printer colors, click 3D Printer Appearance. The relevant buttons become available.
3. To automatically match the colors from the 3D printer to the colors applied in Creo Parametric, click Auto-match Colors.
4. To manually assign a color to a model, from the Colors drop down, select a color and click the model in the graphics window.
5. To change the selected palette, click Color > Palette Selection, and in the Material Selection list, select materials from the drop down lists and click OK.
6. Continue applying colors to the models on the tray.