Additive Manufacturing > Support Structures > To Edit Support Structure Profiles
To Edit Support Structure Profiles
1. Click the arrow next to Generate Support, and then click Edit Support Parameters. The Support Structure Profiles dialog box opens. The profiles are listed at the top of the dialog box, and the parameters are listed at the bottom. The parameters are grouped by type.
2. For out of the box or default profiles, you must first make a copy of the profile, and then edit the copy:
a. In the list of profiles under Out of the box profiles, or for the Default profile under Profiles,select a support structure profile to copy.
b. Click Copy. The system creates a new profile, whose parameters are identical to the profile you copied. The new profile appears at the bottom of the list.
3. Select the new profile, and click Rename. The profile name becomes available for editing.
4. Type a new name for the profile, and then press ENTER.
5. To select the parameters that enable the system to automatically create certain types of support structures, click Support types to expand the list, and then select the type or types of support structure to create automatically.
6. Edit the parameter values. To locate parameters, type parameter names in the search box, and the they will be highlighted in the parameter list.
7. Click Save Profile. The profile is saved to the parameters folder.