Layout > Selecting Entities > Using Selection Tools
Using Selection Tools
You can use these tools to select entities in a layout:
Choose a smart filter from the list to limit selection to geometry, dimensions, constraints, or to notes and symbols. The filter is set by default to All.
Choose one of the selection tools to select entities before or after you activate a sketching tool. The number of selected entities appears on the status bar at the bottom of the graphics window. When you double-click the status bar to open the Selected Items dialog box. You can select and remove specific items from the list of selected entities.
Click Box and drag a rectangle to enclose and select entities.
Click Lasso and move the pointer to draw a free form line to enclose and select entities.
Click Fence and draw a free form line to touch and select entities.
Click Chain and hold down the CTRL key and select multiple curve or line entities.
Choose one of these commands to refine your selection:
Click Restrict to select only entities in the active node.
Click Select All to select all the entities in the layout.
Click Selection > Invert to toggle selected and unselected entities.
* Clearing the Preselection highlighting option does not affect Creo Layout. You still see the preselection highlighting.