Layout > Working with Entities > To Set the Line Style
To Set the Line Style
1. Select one or more entities.
2. On the Design tab, click Line Style. The color gallery opens.
* You can also access the color gallery in the Format Entity dialog box by right-clicking and choosing Format Entity on the shortcut menu or by clicking in the Format group on the Design tab.
3. Select a recently used, standard, or system color or click More Colors to open the Color Editor dialog box and apply a custom color.
If you use system colors, the colors update according to their associated settings in the System Appearance area of the Creo Parametric Options dialog box.
For information on using the Color Editor, search the Fundamentals area of the Help Center.
4. Click Line Font. The line font gallery opens.
5. Choose a different line font. The selected entities update.
6. To change the default line style according to the line style of an existing entity, select the entity and then right-click and choose Set as Default Geometry Style on the shortcut menu.
7. To control the thickness of the line, modify it in the Sketcher area of theCreo Parametric Options.