Layout > Using Annotations > Notes and Symbols > To Insert a Custom Symbol
To Insert a Custom Symbol
1. On the Annotate tab, click Symbol > Custom Symbol.
If the layout does not have any associated symbols, the Open dialog box opens. Browse to a user-defined or system-defined symbol. Double-click the required symbol to add it to the Symbol name list.
* To access user-defined symbols, set the full path using the layout_symbol_dir configuration option.
If there symbols are already associated with the layout, then the Custom Drawing Symbol dialog box opens.
2. In the Symbol name list, select a symbol to insert.
3. Set the type of placement.
4. Define the type of leader, location of the leader, and the arrowhead style.
5. Set the symbol height, angle, and color.
6. Use the Grouping tab to specify which groups display in the instance.
7. Use the Variable Text tab to define the content of the notes appearing with the symbol.
8. Click OK.