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To Define Grid Settings
You can set the display of the grid by setting the relevant configuration options. You can apply the changes for the current session, or save them to a file.
To change the display only for the current session, perform the following actions:
1. On the View tab, in the Grid group, click . The Grid Settings dialog box opens.
2. Select a grid type.
3. Click Dynamic or Static to define the grid spacing. If you select Static, accept the default x­ and y­ values or type new ones.
4. Additional options are available for a polar grid:
To change the number of radial lines, type a new value in the Line quantity box.
To change the Angular Spacing, type a new value in the box.
An additional option is available for a polar grid set to Static. To change the Radial Spacing, type a new value in the box. The specified value must divide evenly into 360.
5. Type a new value for the grid angle.
6. Click OK.