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About the Tools Tab
The Tools tab consists of groups of commands that you can use to set units, measure and inspect geometry, search for elements, and import and export data.
Sheet Group
Use the Sheet commands to change the units of a layout.
Background Color—Opens a gallery to select the background color of the graphics window.
Images—Imports and edits images.
Data Group
Use the Data commands to set the units and define parameters of a layout.
Units—Sets the units.
Parameters—Defines parameters of a layout.
Inspect Group
Use the Inspect tools to display information about 2D geometry.
Overlapping Geometry—Highlights geometry that intersects other geometry.
Highlight Open Ends—Highlights endpoints that do not coincide with other endpoints.
Measure Group
Use the Measure commands to display information about entities.
Distance—Measures the distance between two entities.
Angle—Measures the angle between two entities.
Area—Measures the area.
Geometry—Measures the length of an entity.
Mass Properties—Displays information for the 3D mass properties that will be created using the 2D section.
Cross Section—Displays the cross section mass properties of a section.