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About the Organize Tab
The Organize tab consists of groups of commands that you can use to manage sublayouts within a layout design.
Sublayout group
Use the Sublayout commands to create or insert a sublayout, to convert a node into a sublayout, and to extract or embed existing sublayouts.
New Sublayout
Sublayout—Creates a layout file and inserts it as a sublayout into the active layout.
Embedded Sublayout—Creates a sublayout and embeds it into the active layout.
Insert Layout—Browses to a layout file to insert as a sublayout into the active layout.
Convert Node
Convert to Sublayout—Converts a node into a standalone CEM file.
Convert to Embedded Sublayout—Converts a node into an embedded sublayout.
Embed—Embeds a sublayout into the active layout.
Extract—Extracts an embedded sublayout into a standalone CEM file.
Delete—Deletes the selected sublayout from the upper-level layout.
Arrange Group
Use the Arrange group to group entities for operations and add datums to use as 3D references.
Group—Groups selected entities into a single group.
Ungroup—Ungroups a group.
Regroup—Regroups a group.