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Working with Semantic Query
In the Semantic Query mode, when you select an annotation or a model face, all the corresponding semantic objects are highlighted. You can use the commands on the Semantic Query toolbar to control the visibility of these objects.
The Semantic Query toolbar is context-sensitive. The availability of icons on this toolbar depends on the type of object selected. The icons that are available and the corresponding result when you select an object and the related icon in the Semantic Query mode are as described below.
Selected Object
Available Icons
Corresponding Result
The associated model geometry, including all types of references used to create the dimension, is displayed and highlighted.
The references of the selected GTOL are displayed and highlighted.
Datum Feature Symbols
The symbol references are displayed and highlighted.
Datum Target Symbols
The symbol references are displayed and highlighted.
Model faces
The annotations referred to the selected faces, solid face or surface, are automatically displayed and highlighted.
* When multiple objects are selected, all the icons relevant to each object type are available. For example, if a dimension and a GTOL are selected, the icons relevant to dimensions and GTOLs are available.