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To Create a Normal Leader Note
To create a note with a leader that is normal to the annotation plane, do the following steps.
1. Define the active annotation orientation before creating the first annotation in any session using the ANNOTATION PLANE MANAGER dialog box.
2. Click Annotate. The Annotate tab opens.
3. Click the arrow next to .
4. Click Normal Leader Note. A text box with a leader appears with its arrow head on the pointer. The text box moves with the point.
5. Click to select a reference object. The text box is attached at the selected point by its leader.
6. Middle-click at the location where you want to place the text box. The text box is placed at the location of the click. The Format tab opens.
7. Type the text for the note in the text box. Format the note text as required.
8. To exit the edit mode, click outside the text box. The note is selected. Clicking again deselects the note.