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To Set the Font Based Symbol Palette
The symbol_font option defines the font used for symbols available for Creo annotations:
1. Click File > Prepare > Model Properties. The Model Properties dialog box opens.
2. Under Detail Options, click Change.
3. Under Active Model click symbol_font in the These options control dimensions list.
4. Set the symbol font to one of the following options in the Value box. All symbols are available in the Symbols gallery
ASME—The symbols of the ASME font. This is the default setting. However, it is adjusted according to the template of the model or drawing.
ISO—The symbols of the ISO font.
Legacy—The symbols of the Legacy font are available, if you retrieve a model or drawing that were used in releases before Creo 4.0.
STROKED_ASME—The symbols of the ASME fonts that are native to Creo.
STROKED_ISO—The symbols of the ISO fonts native to Creo.
5. Click Add / Change.
6. Click OK.