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To Set External Reference Control Scope Globally
In Part or Assembly mode, you can define external reference control scope globally for the general Creo Parametric environment.
1. Click File > Options. The Creo Parametric Options dialog box opens.
2. Click Assembly.
3. Set the following options under Reference creation and backup control:
External components permitted for reference creation—Select the appropriate option to create external references to any component, to components in the same subassembly, or to the skeleton of any high level subassembly.
Geometry available for reference selection by other models—Select the appropriate option to restrict reference selection of external references to only published geometry, for all models, or only for models with published geometry.
Allowed references when placing this model—Specify if you want to reference entire geometry with component constraints or only component interfaces as component constraints.
Exclude from selection references forbidden by current settings—Click the check box to exclude the forbidden references.
Use different color for references forbidden by current settings—Click the check box to change the color of out-of-scope prohibited references to the user-specified color during reference selection. Click the arrow next to the color button to set a color. The models that are out of scope and available for copying are highlighted in a user-specified color while you are selecting geometry items for referencing.
* If there are object-specific settings in addition to the environmental setting for scope control, the system enforces the more restrictive setting for the object.