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To Modify the Text Style of Multiple Annotations
1. Select multiple standalone annotations or annotations in Annotation Elements in the graphics window or on the Model Tree.
2. Right-click the selected annotation names on the Model Tree or anywhere in the graphics window and click Text Style on the shortcut menu. The Text Style dialog box opens.
3. Type a new value or select from the available options to change the text style.
4. Click OK. Creo Parametric updates the values of the selected annotations.
Creo Parametric updates the values for those selected annotations to which the text style changes are applicable. For example, the Horizontal option under Note/Dimension is applicable to notes but not to surface finishes. Therefore, when you select a note and a surface finish, the Text Style dialog box opens with Horizontal set to As is. If you change the value in the Horizontal box by choosing an available justification from the list and click OK, then new horizontal justification is applied only to the note.
In assembly mode, when you modify the text height of multiple annotations from different models that have different units, the text height of these annotations appears different though the text value is the same. This is because of the difference in units.