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To Insert Breaks
To insert a break in a witness line:
1. Select a dimension.
2. Move the pointer close to the witness line on which you want to insert a break till the pointer changes to .
3. Right-click and click Insert Break on the shortcut menu.
4. Select a start point and an end point for the break on the witness line. A break is added.
To insert multiple breaks in one or more witness lines:
1. Select one or more dimensions.
2. Right-click outside the model in the graphics window.
3. Click Insert Breaks on the shortcut menu. The witness lines in which you can insert breaks are highlighted when you move the pointer over them.
4. Move the pointer over a valid witness line. When the witness line is highlighted, select a start and an end point for the break on the witness line. The break is added.
5. To add multiple breaks in the selected dimensions repeat steps 4.
6. Middle-click when finished.
* When you insert a break in a witness line, Creo Parametric adds a handle at the start and end points of the break. These handles are called break draggers.