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To Edit References of an Annotation Feature
Editing references of an Annotation feature lets you specify alternate references for its Annotation Elements.
To edit references of an Annotation feature:
1. Right-click an Annotation feature in the Model Tree and select Edit References from the shortcut menu.
2. The system prompts whether you want to roll back the model, that is, temporarily suppress all the features after the Annotation feature being redefined. Click Yes or No.
3. Use the following commands:
Reroute Feat—The system highlights each reference in turn. Select a geometric entity of the appropriate type to replace it or click Same Ref to keep the existing reference.
Replace Ref—Select a geometric entity, such as a surface or an edge, then select another entity of the same type to replace it. Click Sel Feat and select the Annotation feature in the Model Tree to replace, for all the elements of the Annotation feature, all the references to the first entity by the second entity, or click All Children to replace these references in all the features.
4. Click Done/Return when finished.