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To Delete an Annotation Feature
Deleting an Annotation feature permanently removes it from the display and from the regeneration sequence.
To delete an Annotation feature:
1. Select the Annotation feature in the Model Tree.
2. Right-click on the feature name and select Delete from the shortcut menu.
3. The system prompts you for a confirmation. Click OK in the Delete dialog box.
All the annotation associated with the Annotation feature is removed from the display and the Annotation feature name is removed from the Model Tree. However, geometric references of the Annotation feature, even though they were highlighted when the Annotation feature was selected, are not deleted.
Annotation that was created as stand-alone and then included in an Annotation feature using the Existing Annotation option is not deleted when you delete the Annotation feature. Instead, it reverts to its stand-alone status.
Deleting an Annotation feature deletes all the annotation associated with it (unless it was added by using the Existing Annotation option). If you want to delete the Annotation feature but keep the annotation, you have to first redefine the Annotation feature and make the appropriate elements Non-Graphical, to disassociate the annotation from the Annotation feature.