Model-Based Definition > Model-Based Definition > Creating Various Annotation Types > Dimension Properties > Ordinate Dimensions > To Create an Ordinate Dimension
To Create an Ordinate Dimension
1. Click Annotate > Ordinate Driven Dimension or Annotate > Annotations > Ordinate Reference Dimension. The Select Reference menu appears enabling you to select an entity or a surface as a baseline.
2. Click or on the Select Reference menu.
3. Select an entity or a surface on the model, drag the pointer outside the model, and middle-click to place the base dimension.
* If a baseline exists, you can select the existing baseline.
4. Select the entities on the model for which you want to create dimensions. The ordinate dimensions are created for the selected entities aligning with the baseline Annotation Element.
5. Click Cancel on the Select Reference menu to stop creating ordinate dimensions.
* To remove a base dimension, select the dimension and right-click. Click Remove from State on the shortcut menu.