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To Insert a Geometric Tolerance into a Part
1. On the Annotate tab, click Geometric Tolerance. A dynamic preview of unattached geometric tolerance frame appears.
* By default, the previewed GTOL frame is filled with the data of the last placed GTOL within the current part. However, for the first GTOL in the part, the GTOL frame is previewed with Position geometric characteristic with the value of 0.001.
2. Define the mode for reference selection and placement of the GTOL. Right-click on the previewed GTOL frame. You can select one of the following modes:
Automatic — This is the default mode, with which you can create the following GTOL attachments:
Free (unattached) GTOL. You can click on a location in the graphics area to place the GTOL.
GTOL with its leader attached to the model geometry, such as, edge, dimension witness line, coordinate system, axis center, axis lines, curves, or surface points, vertices, section entities, or draft entities.
GTOL attached to a dimension or dimension elbow.
* You can right-click and select Dimension Elbow command on the shortcut menu to attach the GTOL to the dimension elbow.
GTOL attached to a note elbow
GTOL attached to another GTOL
GTOL attached to another Datum Tag
Make Dim — This mode allows you to create a dimension line and place the GTOL frame attached to it.
Offset — This mode allows you to place the GTOL frame at an offset from the following part objects:
Dimension Arrow
* Before you place the GTOL, you can click Esc key to terminate GTOL creation process.
3. Middle-click to place the GTOL frame. You can drag the GTOL frame to reposition the GTOL.
The Geometric Tolerance ribbon tab opens.
4. On the Geometric Tolerance ribbon tab, you can define the following properties for the placed GTOL:
Specify the geometric characteristics of the GTOL as:
—Profile of a line
—Profile of a surface
—Total Runout
Specify the model and the reference entity to which to add the geometric tolerance, as well as place the geometric tolerance on the part.
Specify the datum references and material conditions for a geometric tolerance, as well as the value and datum reference of a composite tolerance.
Specify the tolerance value and the material condition.
Specify the geometric tolerance’s symbols and modifiers, as well as the projected tolerance zone.
Specify additional text that you want associated with a geometric tolerance while creating or editing it.
5. Click in the graphics area to insert the GTOL at the specified location.