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To Create a Driven Dimension in a Part or Assembly
1. Define the active annotation orientation before creating the first annotation in any session.
2. Click Annotate > Dimension. The Select Reference dialog box opens with selected by default.
3. Use the Select Reference commands to select entities, such as model edges or curves, to create the dimension between them. Use the commands appropriately to attach the dimension to a surface, vertex, a midpoint of an entity, or a center of a circle or arc.
4. Click to place the dimension.
5. If the dimension is placed between two points, or between two entities on planes that are perpendicular to the active annotation plane, then right-click and use one of the commands on the shortcut menu to specify the dimension orientation.
6. If the dimension is attached to a spherical or cylindrical surface, use the Arc Attachment list in the Dimension tab, to measure the minimum, maximum, and center distance between two selected references.
7. Repeat Steps 2 through 6 to create more driven dimensions using the same Annotation plane.
8. When finished, click Return > Done.