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Unsupported Datum Reference Attributes
This message indicates that one or more of the datum reference strings includes unsupported attributes. This version of GD&T Advisor does not support the following:
Section indication: [ACS] or [ALS]
Contacting Feature indication: [CF]
Distance Override Modifier: [DV]
DOF Override Modifier: [PT], [SL], [PL], or ><
Projected Modifier: Ⓟ
You may leave the unsupported attributes in the tolerance frame, but you should be aware of the following:
GD&T Advisor does not check the unsupported attributes, so it cannot evaluate whether they have been applied to the datum features correctly and cannot evaluate how they may affect the constraint state of the affected features.
If you edit the GD&T Advisor feature, unsupported attributes will be removed from the tolerance frame.