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Geometry References Are Not Valid
The referenced surfaces are missing or do not form the specified feature type. This is probably due to a change in the design model (e.g., the geometry was deleted). This problem causes the feature to be considered a failed object, as indicated by a separate 'There are failed objects in the model' message.
You can repair the model by redefining the feature through the following procedure:
1. Right-click on the feature in the Feature Tree and select Edit... from the context menu.
2. Open the Feature panel in the dashboard.
3. Click on the button (Edit or redefine the feature) to launch the Edit/Redefine Feature dialog window.
4. Click on the button (Redefine the feature) to activate the selection process.
5. Select new reference surface(s) from the design model.
6. Click the Accept button in the dashboard.
For more information, see Feature Slide-out Panel in Model Based Design > Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing Advisor > GD&T Advisor.
Rather than redefining the feature, you might also repair the model by just deleting the feature. However, when you do so, all other objects that reference the feature (e.g., DRFs) will be deleted.