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Gage Size Does Not Fall Within the Feature Extents
The specified size dimension is outside of the valid range for the feature. The size dimension must fall within the physical feature extents.
The pictures below show an example of a tapered shaft with two different dimensioning schemes. The scheme shown to the left is a valid method for defining the gage diameter of the feature. The scheme to the right shows the gage diameter of the feature at the reference plane. However, there is a fillet between the feature and the reference plane. The fillet removes the edge where the diameter is specified and therefore falls outside the actual extents of the tapered shaft. Thus, the dimensioning scheme is not recommended because the diameter is impossible (or at least very difficult) to inspect.
Valid Gage Size Dimension
Invalid Gage Size Dimension
1. Reference plane
1. Reference plane
Even if the fillet is not explicitly represented in the CAD model, there may be a small fillet in the physical part in that location, so it is generally poor practice to define the size dimension right at the edge of the feature.
To eliminate this problem, you should probably modify the parametric dimensioning scheme in the CAD model for this feature.