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About the Material Library
A material library is a directory that contains the material definition files, that is, the .mtl files.
The look-in box, under Materials in Library, contains the following two folders of materials by default. Double-click the folders to view the available materials:
The look-in box in the Materials dialog box displays the directory located in the path specified by the pro_material_dir configuration option. If you have not set the pro_material_dir configuration option, then the look-in box displays the default material directory, that is, <Creo Parametric loadpoint>\text\materials-library.
Adding a material to the library and saving it saves the material to a material file bearing the same name as the material name in Creo Parametric.
When you save a material, Creo Parametric writes the value and the unit for each material quantity to the material file. If the unit is a user-defined unit, then the definition of the user-defined unit is also written to the material file.
When you add an existing material to a model, any user-defined units that are defined in the material file are also added to the model. However, note the following points:
If the name of the user-defined unit in the material file does not exist in the model, then the user-defined unit is added to the model.
If the user-defined unit in the material file and the unit in the model have the same name and definitions, then the user-defined unit is not added to the model again.
If the user-defined unit in the material file and the unit in the model, have the same name but the definitions are different, then Creo Parametric prompts you to specify a new name for the unit before adding it to the model.