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About Propagating Annotations in the Same Model
When you create certain feature types such as surface copy, surface offset, or surface mirror, Creo Parametric builds new geometry based on the original geometry, and assigns new IDs to this new geometry. As a result, Annotation Elements of previously created Annotation features do not reference this new geometry, which is the design intent. Instead of reordering and rerouting the Annotation features to use the new geometry, you can use to create an Annotation Element propagate feature that contains the propagated Annotation Elements with certain features within the same model. You can propagate Annotation Elements with the following features:
Surface offset
Surface copy
Surface mirror
Feature created using Apply move/rotate transformations to copies in the Paste Special dialog box.
When you select one of these features and issue a command to propagate its annotation, Creo Parametric does the following:
1. Finds the original geometry based on a new geometry selection.
2. Determines if the original geometry has any Annotation Elements referencing it, and whether all of those Annotation Element references belong to the selected feature. If yes, Creo Parametric propagates the Annotation Elements, that is, creates a single new Annotation Element propagate feature, that contains copies of all the Annotation Elements found in the original geometry, even if they originally belong to different Annotation features. The geometry references in the copies of the Annotation Elements are replaced with the new geometric entities.
These copies are dependent on the original. Any changes to the original Annotation Elements or its references after the Annotation Elements have been propagated are carried over to the Annotation Element propagate feature and the new Annotation Elements in the Annotation Element propagate feature upon regeneration.
You can also propagate Annotation Elements within the same model automatically by setting the value of the auto_propagate_ae configuration option to yes. The Annotation Element propagate feature is automatically created.
* When you create features such as Draft and Expand that replace current geometry that was referenced by Annotation Elements, propagation is not required as Creo Parametric automatically searches for alternate references for existing Annotation Elements.